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Architecture is the only envelope that a human being is always surrounded by. Nature, in its truest form is the most magnificent architecture created by the universe. Spaces should be created such that a connection with natural world always remains. We also believe that the materials used for creating these spaces should be eco-friendly, sustainable and as far as possible, locally available.


Our comprehensive architectural services include conceptual and schematic design, design development and construction documentation, assisting with contractor bidding and/or negotiating and construction contract administration. We believe in transforming our clients visions and convert ing their dreams a reality. A reality in which they shall be creating their unique stories for further years to come.



  • Lehertara – Residential Commercial Building

  • Center One Mall – Elevations Upliftment


  • Acres 11 – Weekend Homes

  • Udaipur House – Schematic Layout

  • Bagra House – Sarika & Anand Shah